A green mood brunch & trail running

« Brunches are something you share with your friends »

I will try not to be cliché in this post but it is hard not to regarding the brunch topic. I love it and I believe that it is something you share with your friends, and especially my friend Heloise who loves brunch more than anyone else. And for the best ones, there’s no place like home.

« How to eat all morning without feeling guilty ? »

I don’t know about you but even dough I love the idea of brunch, I have a problem with eating all morning, digesting all the afternoon and having this as an excuse to chill all day.
My trick to fully enjoy such a breakfast is to do my workout before eating! Which leaves me all day long to enjoy simple pleasures of life AKA, chill and cook 🙂 I usually do my swimming workouts during week days (4 times à week) and I run on Sundays.

« I run, then I brunch 🙂 « 

I have never been a huge fan of running, it’s not good for the articulations and the back, for me at least. But a month ago my colleagues motivated me to do the 20 km race in Lausanne, I though it would be a fun thing to do, as swimming brings me a good cardio already.
The only thing was to take in mind the steepness of the terrain: 12 km of ascending elevation (>> NOT cool!), so why not taking advantage of the alps mountains next door?! Annecy is such a cool cityfor trail running that I decided to spend my Sundays morning up in the mountains for it.
« As a beginner,it is easy to improve your trail running skills »
Let me tell you, my first trail running experience was terrible! I was complaining all the way up, I had to walk, while my friend Victor was jumping on the rocks. I was thinking « This is the last time you bring me up here fool 😉 « . I was exhausted and frustrated but I kicked my ass for another experience; The difference was crazy, I almost run all the way up and went much further!
« Running in the forest in the morning is delightful. The woods, the animals, the light crossing your skin, the fresh air… I can run for hours. »

« Farmers markets in France are such a thing, it’s our culture »

As I was telling you, I can fully enjoy a lovely brunch after running and I wanted to share here with you this brunch my girl friend Heloise and I had. We went to the farmers market right down her place, got all the seasonal, local and fresh ingredients and enjoyed a good meal!

« In France we don’t overdo our meals »

In France, we don’t overdo our meals. We love meeting up with our friends and cook together something easy. No need to make something fancy at every occasions. This brunch was just a normal brunch we like to make when we meet up for a girl talk.

« Simple food gather French people »

I wish to all you to meet up with your friends and enjoy simple pleasures. Food gather French people, it is so important for us to share something else than going out and drinking in bars 😉 I use to spend a lot of time in the US and that part was probably was I missed the most (but don’t get me wrong, I love the US for so many other things.).

Hope you liked that post, I will soon share with you some specific swimming and running workouts if you want 🙂