A surf trip in Sri Lanka

I missed writing you. Indeed, I spent the last weeks away from everything on a beach lost in Sri Lanka. I needed time to rest and to clear my mind, even though in real life resting is not in my vocabulary. I always need to be active and to create to feel well, it’s my fuel and I always plan my travels regarding that point.
Other than that, there are my nutrition studies. I haven’t realised the amount of work it would be in my daily life. I try to manage my schedule including studying and, out of the few techniques that I am experimenting one is working better than the others. I called this technique “surf & study” which basically means that I take my vacations before each exams and I go into exile at a friend’s house or on the other side of the globe which leave me all the time I need behind my book in between 2 tides.
A good way of eating and a working out are essential to be efficient. I need it to clear my mind and to learn the tremendous amount of pages of my books. It’s a process that I absolutely recommend to anyone. And why surfing? It is unusual as a “mountain girl” to such in love with surfing, and it’s been years. Living away from the ocean is probably my unique frustration. Nevertheless, I alway find a way to fly somewhere I can find waves. Anyway, I past my exams as soon as I landed and it went perfectly!
There are tons of things I would like to share with you about this travel. Its wonderful country, its food and all the anecdotes we had regarding the Sri Lankan and their real personal notion of waiting in the restaurants. An better than a long speech, I though that beautiful picture would speak to themselves.
Merci à Jérémy Dunand pour les photos de surf.
Je vous souhaite une belle journée et vous embrasse,