Eggplant caviar & smoked tofu

Préparation: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Promise made, I am back in the game with a seasonal recipe. This one is a bit special to me as I presented it on the TV show “A la fraîche”, which means “SO fresh” or something like that :), I filmed for the national Swiss TV in collaboration with I website I blog for
As I had a few nice pics of this dish, I though it would be nice to share them with you here. A la fraîche has been a swirl in my life, a childhood dream that I start to reach. I didn’t take the time to explain you everything here but I’ll do it in my next article.
The filming crew, the shooting, all the stories, there’s so much to tell you.
I must confess that this shooting disrupted my personal life which I have trouble to move on now. At the same time that’s not a reason to neither stop living nor dreaming as it’s what makes us going forwards don’t you think?

This recipe is of my season’s crush. I remember making it, on the spot, for a picnic by the lake. I had 30 minutes ahead, a few declining eggplants and a hand of fresh coriander. A few spices later and a bit of creativity and we were standing in the water tasting this experimentation.
Well, to be honest I abandoned the team to go swimming a couple miles and they where all starving. Maybe that’s the reason why they loved it that much!

This caviar was loved by all my friends, you can eat it with pita bread or fresh vegetables. You can also take it as a side with some carbs.
je vous embrasse,
3 eggplants cooked for 20 minutes at 200°C
2,5 tbsp. tahini
Juice of 3/4 of lemon
2 pinchs of black pepper
1 tsp. paprika or barbecue spices
1 small garlic clove
1-When cooled, remove the eggplant’s pulp and put them in a food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients expect the tofu and the coriander
2-Poor in a plate, dice the tofu and chiseled the coriander. Add the the caviar & we’re good to go!! Isn’t it super easy?!