The so refreshing watermelon & mint sushi salad

Preparation: 15 minutes (I don’t count the sushi rice preparation here)
Cooking time: NO
It feels so good to fell the warm back and enjoy the long evenings of summer time. I feel like I have been enjoying the beaches again, the old town of Annecy (and its ice cream stores … 😉 ) and have discovered new secrets spots of this great city. In summer time, cities belong to their inhabitants and it’s time to enjoy them. One of the major difference I noticed between Europe and the US is the time we (European) take to do “nothing”. We easily stay at a bistro’s terrasse for hours to look at people’s coming and going. We’re fascinated by the streets and it scenes, at least I am.
C’est tellement bon de retrouver la chaleur et les longues journées d’été. J’ai l’impression depuis quelques jours de profiter à nouveau des plages, de la vieille ville d’Annecy (de ses glaces..) et d’y découvrir de nouveaux recoins jusque-là encore secrets. L’été, notre ville nous apparient à nouveau et chaque année je m’en réjouis.

In the summertime, it’s also the season of watermelon and each year I count weeks before having them again ! This fruit is fabulous as you can eat it with savoy dishes. It’s a French Canadian friend of mine, Lili, who show me that a couple years ago and ever since, I have been experimenting new associations to avoid the too classic/boring tomato-mozzarella cheese salad.

To be honest with you, I do not like tomato – mozzarella cheese salads: It is sad how tasteless tomatoes are nowadays. And it’s hard to find real good cheese that actually taste like mozzarella.You need good products to make good food and the dish is the true evidence of it. I will show you my real tomato-cheese salad soon but I am now digressing 😉
This cucumber, watermelon and red onion salad is super refreshing and will satiate you pretty fast (there’s lot of water in this veggies). For a whole meal, especially for those who are planning on working out the same day, I’d suggest you to eat it with feta cheese and marinated tuna fish, like I did with this meal. The sushi rice adds a great sweet & sour touch but you can switch it with brown rice for exemple. It will be just fantastic!

3/4 finely sliced red onion
2 cucumbers
500 gr watermelon
Juice of 1 lemon
Olive oil
10 tbsp. of sushi rice (cooked)
1 small hand of mint leaves
1 small hand of pine nuts
Sea salt
For the non vegan option
1 can of organic tuna
150 gr feta cheese
1. Peel (if not organic), cut and slice the cucumbers. Add salt on them (about 1/4 tsp.) et drain it in order to remove the water in the vegetable.
2. Marinate 4 tbsp. of olive oil and the lemon juice in the tuna.
3. While you are waiting for the marinade and the cucumbers. Form little sushis with the rice, add a bit of wasabi on top and add a leaf of mint on top of each sushis. Cut the rest of the ingredients, mix together and enjoy 🙂